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The new answer for showing students, colleagues, or clients a virtual walk through tour that is truly shared is finally here. Our Live-Guided Tours make it possible to have a video or phone call WITHIN a virtual tour. It gives the presenters and the viewers a new take on tours that remote showings were insufficient in until now. Surely a change for Real Estate, Universities or even Tourism.

What does it do?

Take your viewers almost literally by the hand on a Live-Guided Tour by mirroring your screen on theirs, synchronizing where you can go, look and click on by controlling the Virtual Tour. Viewers can request to take over control from the host to go an area or point out a specific point of interest—that way you don't lose the attention (or interactivity) that is a virtual tour. With a simple button click they hook back onto where the host is (equally, the host can force any guest to join back into their viewpoint with a button click). At the same time, you can talk to each other via just audio or with a webcam well while you go through the virtual tour.

Live Guided Tours are hosted through a desktop computer but your clients can dial in from both a desk top and their mobile devices as well.

The host (be it an agent, a teacher, or a colleague…) can show areas in real time and discuss what’s being seen in 360º by everybody in real time. The guest (client, student etc.) can follow where the host takes him, look around on their own or like stated above—ask permission to control the tour for everybody (which is ideal for asking questions on elements and details in the scene).

More than Screen Sharing

Live Guided Tours are more than a video conference with a shared screen. They’re a communication tool embedded in a virtual tour. Everybody can navigate the tour as they’re used to or follow the lead of the one controlling the tour. And that’s it. Ready to explore, show, guide and talk – together.

Real estate showings – accompanied and guided. Virtual field trips to the Pyramids or the Past. Personalized sales presentations and virtual showrooms staffed with actual humans. Virtual group plant visits with colleagues from all over the world. You name it.

View our example of a virtual tour here

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