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Why we do

All Around Project


The world is changing before our very eyes. Across scattered fragments, nature exists in a way almost forgotten by time, thrown back to before the dawn of man, untouched, pure. On the fringes of this space lies humanity.  While the extremes of each space remain clear, the borders between humanity and nature fade slowly into one another, a gradient often so gradual it becomes hard to pinpoint where one begins and the other ends.

What we do

The way we do

We want to explore the transition from humanity to the deepest recesses of nature with the intention of sharing stories that often toe the line between the two.  In finding common grounds between them we can bring light to the importance of both, and share plainly that nature can live without humanity, but humanity cannot live without nature.


This isn't just about filming, or film making, it's within these stories that our hearts lie, a passion that pushes us forward, the stories drive it all.

Ethics lie at the heart of all documentary film-making. That often goes doubly so when dealing with fragile wildlife and habitats.  


Here honest stories need honest storytelling. It comes down to the ethics of wildlife film-making, and the choices that we as a company, and crew, need to make. Wildlife, is simply that, wild. Our job is that of observer and storyteller, beyond that, nature is there to do her part. Our promise in the field is to never interfere, never push an animal and never disrupt natural behavior.

Current Projects

We currently have multiple project and series in various stages of development.  For a full list of projects please contact us directly

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