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Chris earned his Accounting Degree from the UO in 2005, but his passion for the wild world was always center stage and has had a camera in his hands since the age of 10.  Chris’s first photos of a brown bear came at the age of 11, and he has never looked back.  In 2013, a trip to Africa renewed in him a deep love for photography and the wild places of this world, and it set him on the path he follows today.  In 2014 he was awarded Honorable Mention in both the IPA and ND awards for his photographic work in Africa.  In 2016 he was awarded honorable mention in the International Photography Awards for Nature and Wildlife photographic for his continued work with wildlife in Africa.  His work has been used by NatGeo, BBC Earth, and WildAid among others.  In 2019, Chris produces a series of VR wildlife short stories which were licensed multiple times across Europe and Asia.  These pieces were able to provide up close, intimate experiences with wildlife that is unsafe to view in the real world.  Chris worked extensively in VR between 2017 and 2020 and while he still loves the medium, now focuses primarily on cinematic wildlife film production. 

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Alan Lacy


Alan Lacy is a multi-award winning filmmaker and producer based in the Desert Southwest. He is passionate about the natural world and telling stories that make the world a better place for both nature and humankind. With a background in business within the aviation industry, he adapted his skills to producing wildlife films and operating cameras - and fell in love with it. His first film, “Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest” is an award winning documentary that has screened internationally. His work has aired on National Geographic, with more upcoming work soon to air on NatGeo Wild, Disney+, and PBS Nature. Currently, he is producing several independent films featuring wolverines and burrowing owls. His love for nature and the outdoors fuels his passion to connect people with the awe and wonder of the natural world. Alan lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is often out exploring desert wildlife, or tracking Mexican gray wolves up in the high country of the state if he's not trapped behind the desk editing his next film.




Over the past seventeen years, Devon has produced and directed narrative, commercials, documentaries and corporate videos for a diverse roster of creative agencies and client-direct brands, including: Intel, Nike, Alienware, IBM, Wacom, Electronic Arts, Dell Computers and the Portland Trail Blazers, to name a few. Devon co-wrote a teen horror episodic property that was optioned by AMC’s horror distribution arm, Shudder. Devon is the co-creator of the YA novel series, Angel Punk, that was optioned by Dark Horse Comics. In 2016, Devon was invited to give a Tedx Talk on the future of storytelling with the advent of virtual reality and augmented reality. Devon co-produced a feature length political history documentary called The Gentleman of the Senate that was optioned by Oregon Public Broadcasting and aired multiple times. Devon has directed and co-produced four licensed theatrical plays, all garnering positive industry and critical reviews (including a few Willamette Week ‘Picks of the Week’). Devon served on the board of directors for Oregon’s statewide film and television professional association (OMPA). Devon earned an undergrad degree from Linfield University and a graduate degree from Pepperdine University. Devon lives in Portland with his daughter and his partner, Jaime.

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Born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, I spent most of my childhood moving back and forth between Durban and the family private game reserve in northern Zululand, where my passion for the outdoors and wildlife was nurtured at a young age.  

I gained practical knowledge to support my passion for nature at the University of KwaZulu Natal, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in ecological sciences with a focus on wildlife management and conservation.  Following graduation, I trained as a game ranger at the world-famous MalaMala Game Reserve adjacent to Kruger National Park. This spectacular reserve is where I was based for almost a decade and where my guiding career began, ultimately holding the positions of head ranger and head photographic ranger.




Michael is an experienced technology and creative arts manager with over 20 years of experience in project based leadership. From VR Production to writing accounting and financial controls systems Michael excels is negotiating for consensus and pulling people together around the end goal deliverables. Since moving from London, England to Portland, Oregon in 2007 as an artist he has established himself as a well-liked and well-respected community member and accomplished project manager. Working with household names such as Adidas, Laika Studios and Nike to produce VR Film during the 2010s he turned his attention back to technology and delivered a complete overhaul of the affordable housing finance system for the State of Oregon in less than three years. More recently he has turned his attentions back to media production working with the Mister Wonderful project and the wildlife conservation focussed All Around Project as well as championing Blockchain technology solutions - especially focussing on NFT and DAO based governance projects.He lives in Salem with his two children and regularly coaches soccer and youth sports, is a car enthusiast and regular golfer.

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