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VR with Events and Spaces

Even though virtual reality (VR) is fairly new, we as an industry have seen many different ways you can incorporate it into your business.

It's a given that VR is most known for it's games and entertainment. However, businesses like real estate, tourism/travel, and senior housing are starting to dip their toes into the industry. One big sector that could use this technology is the event industry.

The Benefits for the Event Industry

First off, what would you consider an event? Conferences, meetings, trade shows or presentations? What about event spaces even? We would say all of the above and more! The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are bountiful.

Higher engagement— giving your clients, viewers or your stakeholders one more way to engage with your business will give them one more reason why they should come to you before others. It will give an experience that your audience will not forget. With the full immersion of VR with an event or event space, gives viewers an opportunity to set down their phones and fully pay attention to what is in front of them. It ticks off multiple senses—vision, space orientation, and hearing—therefore making it better to remember in the future.

Increased sales— Virtual Reality gives the most realistic outlook (besides being there in person of course!) of how an event or an event space could look like. Imagine being an engaged couple trying to find the right venue to hold your wedding. VR can help narrow down their choices before going to check out the space for themselves, saving time and energy. Having this as an option can give you increased sales, and at a quicker rate.

Better Training— With your business you have to think about your clients alongside your employees. Giving your employees a VR experience whether it's training them or giving them a better understanding of your business or event coming up will add for a smoother and more enjoyable on boarding process.

Examples of VR content with the Event Industry

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