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Looking for a Senior, Assisted Living or Memory Care Community?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Virtual Tours are a great place to start, and for good reason.

Whether you are looking for yourself, or a loved one, making this decision is never an easy one. Something that deserves all the care and attention that you can muster in a busy schedule.

What is a Virtual Tour?

Lets first start with what a Virtual Tour is, and how it applies to Senior Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and other types of live in communities.

Virtual Tours are here to help. A well done tour will allow you to get a closer look at the community, the amenities and its overall feel without ever leaving your home or office. By now we have all seen 360 videos and Virtual Reality experiences, tours for Senior Living are a often a combination of a few types of media to present either a 360 video or a virtual walk through experience of a location that can be viewed on mobile devices and computers, from anywhere in the world.

While they are not meant to replace the in-person tour, they are here to allow you to tour more facilities quicker, to help narrow down the decision on which ones you would like to finally see in person.

In providing you the opportunity to tour multiple facilities quickly, and narrowing down to the ones that really suite your needs, you only spend time touring the communities that you are most interested in.

At the bottom of this article are links to a few that we have published recently

Virtual Tour are here to help

We have been in this field of Virtual Tours for a long time now, and we always come back to the same thing. They never replace the in person tour, but they are here to help you gain a familiarity, a comfort level, and a connection with something. Imagine knowing what a bedroom looks like before you tour it in person for the first time, or a dining area, or library. Even a slight sense of the familiar can help put your mind at ease, there is less to process each time, less to take in, and allows for a clearer mindset and ultimately, clearer decision making.

This is what we as a company aim for in a Virtual Tour, and what all communities should aspire toward in creating them. Give you a real, honest look at the facilities to get.

Because each community will have a different layout, and each community type, be it memory care, assisted living or independent living will be structured slightly differently to accommodate the needs of the residents. Having seen it prior to your in person tour simply gives you a little more information going in.

There are a lot of reasons that communities are starting to use Virtual Tours as an option of social media and websites, all of them are aimed at making your decision easier, and making it safer for the residents in the facilities.

A Good Tour Will Provide :

  1. Exterior Views

  2. Entryway and Lobby

  3. Kitchen and Dining Areas

  4. Tour of each specific room type (single, double, suite)

  5. Activity Area's

  6. Library's and Theaters

  7. Grounds and Gardens

This will allow anyone a quick access to everything a community has to offer, and is meant to provide the decision makers a better sense of the look and feel prior to the first in person tour

Where you Benefit

Have you even been shopping for a new home, everything looked great in the write up and photos, however the second you stepped foot in the property you realized that it was not as it was marketed to be, and this was not the property for you. While Virtual Tours don't completely eliminate this risk, they do minimize it. Pictures don't always tell a full story, however, it is hard to hide from 360 video.

Now imagine you are trying to narrow down your selection of a senior living community in your area. There are 20 communities to choose from, 15 offer virtual tours. After a quick review over an afternoon you are able to check out all 15 tours and can effectively narrow down your selection to four properties. Instead of spending the better part of a month piecing together enough time to tour all of those in person, you can now schedule all the tours for a single day, and come to a more complete and throughout decision.

A Virtual Tour should never replace the in-person tour completely, however they are quickly becoming tools to help you narrow down your selections and save you valuable time and energy.

Good luck in your search!

Samples of how Virtual Tours can be presented

360 Virtual Tour Highlight Video

360 Virtual Tour Self Guided Experience

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