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All Around Project

a connection through film

Why we do

Everything we do, every project we undertake has a similar, clearly defined goal, bring the world closer together through the power of visual storytelling, a connection through film.  

Regardless of the end product or intended audience, the result always needs to have the same impact, the same ability to capture an audience all around the world.  Without connection, messages fall short, marking fails to capture, and your audience is left uninspired. This goes beyond video production, we are here to tell a story. This is what we here at The All Around Project are all about.

What we do

Our company is broken into two key components, and while we may grow and expand on these, they remain our core function, where we aim to excel.  

Films— Documentaries and short stories focused primarily on nature, wildlife and conservation.

NGO & Commercial Work - Using our skills and expertise in filming and editing, we aim to help non-profits and brands tell their stories

The way we do

Everything we do starts and stops with the story being told, regardless of the subject matter, location or reason.  We only take on projects and ideas that inspire us, and that we can get behind, if we don't believe in in, how can we be expected to showcase it accordingly. 


We want to work with fun and exciting industries, groundbreaking stories, and document the most beautiful animals and places this planet has to offer.  That, at the end of it all, starts and stops with a love and passion for what we do.

About us

The All Around Project is a full service media and production company based in Salem Oregon. While we focus on Nature and Wildlife Documentary storytelling, we offer a wide range of services beyond that.  We film, we edit, we color grade, we travel, we excel.  

Our strength lies in our vision, and our ability to bring teams together to complete projects at the highest levels.  From experienced international filmmakers adept and navigating challenging shooting conditions to directors with years of experience with the industries top clients.  Producers with deep contacts to field producers with a rich understanding of wildlife behavior . . . we have the crew, and the means to finish a film project at any level.  Be it a local piece, or a big international blue chip production . . . we can produce.

This can range from filmmaking to commercials, product photography, photo editing, drone filming, producing, directing, writing. Our team combines for  thousands of hours of field work, camera work, directing and editing. If you want your project to look its best, look no further.

Your stories matter, and telling them correctly requires the correct gear to get the job done. We have the gear in house, and the team, to get the job done.

Current camera kit : 

  • Blackmagic Mini G2 4.6K - Allowing up to 120 fps in RAW 4.6K footage

  • Blackmagic Pocket 6K - Mobile unit allowing for smooth motion and beautiful footage

  • Ronin RS2 - Smooth motion shots are made easy with this gimbal

  • Tilta Alien Hydra - Car mount rig for smooth mounted shots

  • Cable Cam - Longer, ultra smooth shots

  • Rhino Slider - Used for motion time lapses

  • 18in Parabolic Mic - For capturing detailed sound at a distance

  • Lav Mics - For capturing excellent audio up close

Contact us

Office - 7505 Skyline Rd S, Salem Oregon 97306

Hours - Depends on the job, where we are, and what we are doing. 

But if you are trying to call us,


Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Director - Chris Fischer (503) 580-1192

email -

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