What We're All About 

The All Around Project is a fully encompassed 360 video production company and content library. We focus across a number of areas with our predominant project zeroed in on filming the world’s most endangered wildlife.

We do it all without outsourcing. We have the technical side down, and fully in-house. Whether it is stitching video, mixing virtual sound and/or stereoscopic video or managing all aspects of production with our state-of-the production suite, we control all of our projects from inception to final delivery.

Our field experience is second to none. For the past three years, we have traveled the globe capturing compelling virtual reality and 360 footage of the world’s rarest and most endangered species. We use complex gear in remote, difficult and stressful locations. Whether it’s packing in across Canada and Alaska to reach wildlife in the most unspoiled habitats, or traveling to far off lands, we have done it and we know how to do it right. 

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It starts with the All Around Project: an eight-part, 30 min per episode global odyssey immersing our viewers in the most cutting edge, gripping wildlife storytelling to date. This is the cornerstone of our work and our mission. The All Around Project aims to create a number of immersive wildlife experiences that help share the natural world like never before.

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Project Work

Do you have a need for marketing pieces, travel videos, co-productions and specific projects? We are actively working with organizations and thought leaders around the world to make their ideas reality, or rather, virtual reality. 

Get a hold of us and let us know what you are thinking. We are eager to collaborate with like-minded partners looking to tell stories in VR.



conservation & Education

There is little denying the power 360 video can have in telling global stories, and we want to lead the charge. Using our vast library, and our global contacts we offer an unprecedented opportunity to transport students and potential donors alike to far off lands. We want to put important conservation topics in front of the children that will inherit the world's most treasured wild spaces, as well as the people who are working to save them. We aim to educate the public through immersive technology and brand new forms of storytelling.   

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Content Library

Maybe you have the idea, but need the content. Why spend all the money on a crew, when we have what you need. Whether it is for personal use or global marketing campaigns, our content will be made available for anyone to browse and review. We are currently partnered with Getty Images, providing stock footage to their growing VR library and we are actively building our extensive library with each exciting trip we take. Let us know what you are looking for and we will connect you with the right footage.