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Here at the All Around Project, we all know that the best way to sell a community is to have someone walk through, but that is not always possible, and not always timely. Our aim is to help bridge that gap in any way we can. Senior Housing Media packages are designed to be a one stop shop for all the visual media a sales and marketing team will need to showcase your community. Whether this is for a 1 on 1 home visit, a meeting with a prospective member's family or at an event, we get you everything you need to make them feel like they are there. 


Self Guided Virtual Tour

These Virtual Tours are a combination of the best of the content that we are able to produce from your Senior Housing Community, be it the virtual tours, highlights, photos and more. They are then packaged in an easy to navigate VR Tour allowing people to seamlessly navigate throughout the facility, catch the highlights, and take it at their own pace.

Live-Guided tours at no additional cost!


Up the your sales and marketing teams game with the integrated Live-Guided Virtual Tour function.  Take prospective residents to your Senior Housing Communities on a virtual walk-through that truly is shared. Live-Guided Tours allow you to have a video call inside of a virtual tour. For the personal touch and assistance that remote showings have lacked up to now. The minimum requirement needed is a microphone—then you're off to go explore the wonders of your Virtual Tour. Contact us for a demonstration on how to host a Live-Guided Tour.

Highlight Video and Testimonial

Created in standard video format, these videos are meant to provide a bit more detail and flare to your media. Perfect for website landing pages or sharing on YouTube and Social Media. Highlight videos for Senior Housing Communities are just that, the high points and key features of a facility with a short guided Voice Over, meant to act as a great introduction to a Community. Our Testimonial Videos work with staff members and/or residents to create a more personalized message about the community as a whole. Whether it's sharing what makes your facility unique or short vignettes on residents and their daily activities, these pieces are designed to give life and character to your operation.


With a solid background in Real Estate Photography, we can revamp and update your gallery and help you showcase the beauty of your facility. Be if for web, social media, print media or more, we can help.  Ensure your prospective new residents to your Communities see the best side of your operations.  

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Next Steps :

Whats it going to Cost and FAQ

Whether its time to get a Virtual Tour scheduled for your Senior Housing Community, or simply doing some research into what they should cost, we are happy to provide a no-obligation quote to help you make your decision.

There are a lot of decisions that go into purchasing a Virtual Tour for your communities, and price, of course, should be one of them.


Its important to note, that there are two main ways tours are priced : 

1) Monthly Fee

2) One Time Payment

Monthly fees on Virtual tours may seem like a great idea at first, but it does not take long before these costs can become unwieldy, and add up to far more than a single up-front payment.  Unless you are getting a lot of extra content that you need on a monthly basis, be careful of monthly subscriptions on Virtual Tours.

Our Virtual Tours typically start around $3,750 (Additional $1,000 off of tour booked before January 31st 2021) for basic package and include 2 years of hosting fees.  After that, it is a simple $100 per year to host the Tour, if you would prefer to host it yourself, that is an option as well.   


We do offer discounts for multiple properties, and can work out deals if we can arrange scheduling to maximize our time.