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Why we do

Our mission is to help real estate agents and property owners seamlessly integrate virtual tours and multimedia into their everyday workflow. We also offer marketing and branding promotion, advertising and commercials. Today, virtual reality technology is providing professionals a greater client experience while opening up new ways to market and share properties.  We at the All Around Project, and our sister company 3D/RE, LLC understand that nothing replaces the in person tour, and rest assured, we are not looking to replace them.  On the contrary, these are meant to enhance and streamline the user experience to capture a higher conversion rate, simplify your sales process, and ultimately, save you time, and money.

What we do

Its true, at this point Virtual Reality is here to stay, and we aim to help our community find ways it can make lives easier and more productive.  While it made a few strides in the early 2000's, this go around it has stuck, and tools that can simplify and enhance our sales experience exist in all corners of this market, the key is to capitalize on them early, and often to stay ahead of the upcoming trends.


All Around Project was founded on a base of Virtual Reality and Real Estate Media Production. Our team has a deep understanding of both technical components of the industry as well as the complexities of projects beyond property scans. From 360 and 3D Imaging, to 360 video production, we have done it all, and continue to remain ahead of the upcoming trends . . . so our clients don't need to worry, they simply need to let us worry for them.  


In addition to a deep seeded understanding of virtual reality and 360 media production, our team has a history in residential/commercial real estate sales alongside senior living needs as well. We understand the demands, pressures and complexities of these businesses, and pairing our industry leading expertise with the state of the art Matterport camera system, we are able to help provide top quality products to our clients in a quick, reliable and cost effective package. But it doesn't just end there— our team is constantly striving to be on the cutting edge, and they work every day to ensure we are offer the best available service for our clients.

The way we do

Our real estate media division is aimed solely at producing the highest quality real estate media for our clients.  This means implementing new techniques like advanced virtual tours, video walk through, drone filming and photography and more.  All this in an effort to help property owners, marketing and sales managers and listing agents create the most dynamic and engaging content for their properties.  Be it for sale, for lease, of for a new resident moving into a memory care facility.  These first impressions count . . . thats where we come in.




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