The Greatest Migration

Synopsis :

It has been called the greatest show on earth. 1.2 Million white bearded wildebeest accompanied by hundreds of thousands of zebra and gazelle make a harrowing journey across Serengeti National Park, following one thing, rain. Join us as we explore the intricate relationship this ancient migration has with the world around it, and why it may be in danger of changing forever.

Trailer :

Coming Soon

For high quality headset viewing please contact us.


8K Stereoscopic Final Project for entire series broken into 3-4 episodes at 15 - 20 minutes each

4K Standard Documentary filmed in conjunction, estimated run-time 45 minutes

Production Status :

In Production - Pilot Episode Finished

Opportunities :

Open for co-production opportunities for the entire three / four part series as well as distribution and sponsorship options.

Treatment :

Upon Request