Cost of Production

Is it time to consider an Immersive Video Project?


The Early Days . . .

of 360 video, the market was rife with problems. From stitching errors to expensive software and hardware, production costs often soared out of control. We have heard stories of budget asks of $100,000 or more on short 5 minute commercial projects. This was a problem, and not how we wanted to operate.

We Want VR to succeed that means reasonable costs . . .

The All Around Project set out to not only be a cost leader, but a leader in finished VR production. We want the viewing experience to be top notch and ultimately . . . enjoyable. Through quality training, investment in infrastructure and hardware as well as detailed understanding of complex stitching, we have not only sped up the finishing process, we have worked to drive our final costs down. That means better finished products at a more reasonable price.


It still costs money, just less now . . .

Depending on the level of complexity of the shoot and finishing we are looking at, our production budgets will likely run between $3,500 - $7,500 per minute of finished product. Longer productions with minimal shoot locations range on the lower end, while shorter more complicated projects tend to run a little higher on a cost per minute.

If you are interested in pricing out a project, send us an email, we can discuss basic parameters and quickly turn out a draft budget proposal.

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