Conservation, Education & Science


Empathy though shared experience is the true power of VR. The All Around Project is committed using our work to make a difference. Here are a few projects we are currently working on :

Episodic Conservation Series - As we travel the globe, we will share stories highlighting issues and people that are making this world a better place for our wild places and the animals that inhabit them.

Educational Programming - There is an undeniable fact that children are the future. But what future are we leaving them, and how are we preparing them to change the world for the better? We believe that through the use of immersive technologies, we will be able to put kids in contact with corners of the world few have ever seen, and through this, foster a new wave of creativity, curiosity and love for the natural world.  

Content for Who Needs it Most - As we finalize projects, our intention is to create specific pieces intended for education. Through the development of key partnerships, we will provide free short series about the world's amazing animals and nature to children across the globe.  Whether it is a children's hospital in Portland, Oregon, or a classroom in KwaZulu Natal, the power of VR content can transport children and their imaginations, allowing them to escape the confines of their lives and expand their dreams. 

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