Got Talent? 

Our project will take a great deal of time, energy, talent and passion to produce. But we’re excited about building a company that not only has the opportunity to change the way people understand wildlife, but also how the world experiences storytelling. We need talented, driven people to help us accomplish our vision. And our vision isn't just what we produce, but how we produce it. We value our company culture and hope to find people who can add to our dynamic. Our goal is to make sure that following your dreams and career goals doesn’t mean you also can’t have a life. We intend to practice what we preach both in the way we treat our team and in the way we approach conservation. We are building a company on the cutting edge of what the experience of an actual work/life balance is rather than what it is in theory. And we are looking to build a company that employs the best conservation practices in our day-to-day operations. Also, we're based in Salem, Oregon so, you know, be able to join us as we build a business in this awesome community. 

1) VR Editor - On the basic level, we need highly motivated and detail-oriented people to work directly with our team to complete file organization, file management, stitching, processing and recording as well as preparation for projects. We know that VR is a new space and many of the most creative and best minds in filmmaking might not have worked on VR yet. If you already have a skillset in VR, that's amazing and it will definitely be taken into account. But, more important to us, we are looking for people who can learn the skills needed to do the job and who can grow with our company. 

2) Graphics and Titles - We are looking for talented individuals looking to expand their abilities and work with titles and graphics in 360 space. We are looking for 1-2 motivated people to help us polish and complete each of our projects, series and conservation pieces. This is more of a specialized space so experience in VR is valued. However, we are willing to train and invest in the right person. 

3) Field Assistant - Chris needs an assistant who will accompany him around the world. Best qualities? Be cool. No, really, we're serious. You'll be working closely with our awesome founder, but  you should also expect long hours, late nights and lots of insect bites. On the plus side you'll, travel the globe, witness the worlds most endangered animals and help share this experience with the world. This position is ideal for someone who is good with late nights, lots of travel and someone who can handle remote places as cooly and calmly as Chris does. Think of this as an amazing stepping stone to moving up in our company, and building your repertoire as a VR filmmaker. It helps if you're technically savvy, have picked up a camera before, if you have a current passport and know how to use it. 

4) Freelancers - We're building a global team of photographers and filmmakers. We are super excited to bring on creative people around the world who can lend their unique experience and perspectives to our project. We are filming in all four corners of the earth, in remote places and likely in extreme conditions. We need people who are willing to take risks to get the best VR shots, and we are also looking for people who know that sometimes it's not a risk but patience that gets groundbreaking visuals. Since we prize field experience, vision and camera savvy, we intend to train the right people on our equipment. We ask that you be a good team member, but also able to work independently. We also ask that you be conservation-minded since that's what we do.